Green Solutions

Drawing of a lighting fixtureOne of the ways we can be more “GREEN” is to re-envision the spaces we already have. Doing so can produce dramatic results not only aesthetically but also by increasing layout and energy efficiency, resulting in both short and long-term savings.
Some of the green projects we have worked on include:

  • Replacing outdated windows with new energy-efficient, more aesthetically pleasing windows that can dramatically change the feel of any room – and save money.
  • Bringing natural light into interior spaces with solar light tubes.
  • Re-Sourcing and Re-Cycling of old materials removed during remodel or deconstruction
  • Choosing environmentally-friendly materials for interior and exterior renovations.
  • Designing recycling stations that make it convenient to sort and store paper, containers, and compostables.
  • Including solar energy systems in remodels and new construction to help offset your carbon footprint

Green Resources

Here are some links to various suppliers of green and energy-efficient products & general environmentally-friendly information: